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Become a Pro Public Speaker with LuCreative’s Top 5 Tips

The mere thought of public speaking fills many people with dread and brings on a case of sweaty palms. Sheffield-based direct sales and marketing specialists LuCreative recognise addressing a group of people, whether it be a small or large audience, can be incredibly daunting.

The firm are passionate about assisting aspiring professionals in their quest to gain further knowledge and develop their skill-set, and for this reason the company have shared their guide to acing every public speaking opportunity.

“Public speaking is often a daily occurrence in our business so it is one of the first things we coach our staff and contractors on,” said Connor Hodgson, Managing Director of LuCreative. The sales and marketing specialists have revealed the top tips they highlight to their passionate and ambitious workforce, hoping to improve confidence levels and public speaking abilities of entrepreneurs everywhere…

1/ Practice

As with any skill, the more you do something, the better you become and eventually, practice makes perfect. LuCreative provide a platform for their brand representatives allowing them to practice their public speaking skills on a daily basis. “When it comes to mastering any new skill feedback is crucial. Find a captive but honest audience who will give constructive criticism on your performance,” recommended a spokesperson for the firm.

2/ Find a business coach

LuCreative urge aspiring professionals to source their very own mentor as they believe finding a coach will help fast track any entrepreneur on their road to success. CEO Connor Hodgson revealed how he has a small group of coaches that he regular turns to for advice and guidance, insisting their advice is invaluable.  “A coach who understands you personally can help push you toward your goals all the while providing useful advice and guidance,” explained Connor.

3/ Notes should be in bullet points

When giving a presentation LuCreative encourage speakers to keep succinct, bullet pointed notes in the interest of remaining as concise as possible and deterring individuals from reading directly from their notes. “Often, due to nerves, many people make the mistake of reading their notes word for word consequently failing to make eye contact and make that vital connection with their audience,” revealed Connor. “Keeping notes in bullet point form encourages the speaker to look up and make consistent eye contact.

4/ Make eye contact

Expanding on their previous point, LuCreative believe maintaining eye contact with audience members is a hugely important part of making an impactful and successful speech. Depending on the size of the group, making eye contact with the audience can be daunting, however, it is a crucial thing for all speakers to do if they are hoping to engage their audience and deliver the most effective speech possible.

5/ Reiterate the important points

LuCreative believe the best public speakers go over the most important points of their speech several times to ensure the audience remembers all key points. “When you repeat something, there is a greater chance of it being remembered and enforced by your audience,” Connor explained.

LuCreative is a direct sales and marketing company contributing to bridging the gap between their client’s brand and customer base, through the use of personalised marketing solutions. LuCreative is devoted towards the learning and development of their staff and contractors, helping them to gain skills and knowledge to set them up for future success.

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