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Calling all graduates! LuCreative Promote Business Development Opportunities

As a young firm with big growth goals, Sheffield-based LuCreative recognises that effective talent acquisition is integral to business success. Coming into the graduate season, the direct sales and marketing specialists are promoting their business development opportunities to attract graduates to their firm.


Managing Director at LuCreative, Connor Hodgson is passionate about the firm’s policy of not pre-judging people based on education or experience. At LuCreative, they look beyond the CV to see the person and their potential. However, the business owner also appreciates the ambition and enthusiasm that graduates can bring to a business and the difficult position many graduates find themselves in as they attempt to make the transition from education into business. The direct sales and marketing experts believe that their unique business development opportunities help them to stand out in a hugely competitive market, and also allow them to retain top talent.


While the firm’s main objective currently is to attract graduates, their business development opportunity is open to everyone. LuCreative have experience working with individuals with little or no work experience; to individuals with experience looking for a new and exciting opportunity to showcase their talent and to individuals looking for a challenge in sales and marketing.


The Sheffield-based firm provides opportunities for participants to learn the fundamentals of sales and marketing, in addition to business management which covers financial planning, reviewing industry and consumer trends, leadership skills and how to approach and form professional relationships with clients and consumers. Each participant is designated a personal mentor to provide invaluable coaching and mentoring throughout the process. The program is essentially an accelerated learning program, providing participants with all of the relevant skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to oversee and run their own project. As people learn at different rates, the program takes an average of eight to twelve months to complete.


Mr Hodgson believes that the firm’s commitment to development is integral to maintaining high morale and a strong company culture, which contributes significantly to their continued success. “When people can see that there is the opportunity to learn, grow and develop via a structured career path, it helps you get the most out of them and keep performance levels high.” Commented Mr Hodgson.


Based in Sheffield City Centre, LuCreative is an outsourced direct sales and marketing company. With a passion for sales and exceptional customer service, they will make a brand one that consumers want to choose time and again, over the competition. Mr Hodgson contends that a business is only as good as it’s people and the business owner is committed to finding top talent to help LuCreative become a dominant force in the industry.

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