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Connor Hodgson of LuCreative reveals why self-confidence is the key component for success

As a young business owner with a keen interest in what makes someone a success, Managing Director at LuCreative, Connor Hodgson has identified self-confidence as the vital component of business success.

As a business owner, Mr Hodgson has vast experience when it comes to talent acquisition, and coaching and mentoring aspiring professionals and the director at outsourced sales and marketing firm, LuCreative, contends that the one trait shared by different types of successful individuals, is self-confidence.

In his role as a Managing Director, Mr Hodgson has gained experience working with and mentoring many people, and he has determined self-confidence to be one of the essential traits for success. The entrepreneur has shared his ‘how to’ guide to help people boost their self-confidence and ultimately progress their careers.

  1. Positive Thinking

Mr Hodgson believes that self-confidence is a state of mind and that if someone can change their thoughts by thinking positively, they will boost their confidence. “A positive mind attracts positive results. It is possible to retrain your brain over time to eventually have a positive mindset,” commented Mr Hodgson.

  1. Dress for success

At LuCreative they are firm believers that if someone is dressed well, it automatically instils a sense of confidence. The direct sales and marketing expert argues that aspiring entrepreneur should dress to impress, promoting the belief that someone should dress for the position they want, not the one they currently have.

  1. Focus on Development

LuCreative has a culture of development, and the young firm believes that ongoing development is vital for both confidence and success.  The Sheffield based firm offers regular optional educational and motivational workshops and seminars, helping their workforce to learn, grow and develop, both personally and professionally.

  1. Preparation

Benjamin Franklin famously said ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’ At LuCreative they believe that preparation and confidence are inter-linked. “Preparation is one of the most vital components for confidence. Preparation gives people the confidence to perform to the best of their ability,” stated Mr Hodgson.

  1. Start Small

Drawing on his experience as a business coach, Mr Hodgson believes that one of the ways that most people lose confidence in themselves is by setting themselves up for failure by aiming for goals that are too big. At LuCreative they urge contractors to focus on setting small, achievable goals in the lead up to more significant career milestones.

LuCreative are incredibly proud of the nurturing and motivating working environment they have cultivated where they help people to expand their knowledge and skillset and boost their confidence, setting them up for future success.

Based in Sheffield City Centre, LuCreative is an outsourced direct sales and marketing company with a passion for sales and exceptional customer service. The firm is passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential, and Mr Hodgson is urging aspiring entrepreneurs to apply these five steps.



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