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LuCreative gives their workforce the tools to adopt a successful morning routine

Sheffield based sales and marketing specialists, LuCreative argue that a good morning routine sets someone up for a day of success. LuCreative is keen to instil the ability to incorporate a good morning routine into their workforce, and the firm has recently hosted a workshop for their staff and contractors on how they can establish such a habit, helping them to discover what will work for them.

The firm understands how a good morning routine is vital for a productive day and has cited a recent article on a few aspects that can be targeted and incorporated into a morning routine:

Exercise: Although it is universally understood that exercise is good for both the body and soul, the firm is keen to emphasise that even as little as ten minutes of moderate exercising can have a direct positive effect on the individual. The companies are encouraging their workforce to start with ten minutes, and slowly increase this over time once they are more established within their routines.

A Healthy Breakfast: The familiar mantra of “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” stands correct, providing the individual with more energy, a decreased level of hunger during the day and they are less likely to suffer from poor sugar levels. LuCreative is keen to instil this ethos within their professionals, exploring that eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast improves short-term memory and aids concentration.

Mindfulness: The act of mindfulness and a variety of exercises and techniques that come under this umbrella such as yoga and meditation have seen a massive spike in interest over the last few years. Many high profile CEOs and entrepreneurs take up this habit, with a variety of apps, books and videos on the subject the firm is encouraging their workforce to try to incorporate some small aspect that will contribute to their overall wellness.

A spokesperson from the firm has stated: “LuCreative understand the effectiveness of a good morning and evening routine, we understand that everyone is different and that’s why we’re providing our workforce with the tools to find out what works for them.”

LuCreative has a planned number of workshops that will continue to provide their contractors with the tools to drive their personal and professional growth.



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