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LuCreative Investigate Claims Only 8% of People Achieve their Goals

Sheffield based firm LuCreative believe goal setting is the secret to business success.

The direct sales and marketing company recently responded to research released by Scranton University which states that only “8% of people achieved their goals during 2016”, arguing that individuals are more likely to succeed if they implement some structure into their life and set goals. Managing Director Connor Hodgson said: “I want my workforce to realise you only begin your journey to success if you have a path, and that path is set by your desired goals.”

This week the firm focused their morning meetings on the S.T.A.R method believing it to be a process successful individuals often carry out to ensure they achieve what they want. The steps are as follows:

  • Set your goals
  • Track Progress
  • Analyse the Results
  • Re-evaluate those goals.

LuCreative believe these steps are essential for a structured career and are imploring their contractors to try hard to continue to set goals, analyse their performance and re-evaluate their journey within the industry. Their advice on achieving success does not end with this process, however, and management outlined a series of key tips over the week, designed to help LuCrerative’s brand represenatives maximise their success.

One crucial tip was the importance of attempting to banish bad habits. Business owner Connor explained how there will always be some kind of hurdle to overcome in a professional capacity that cannot be controlled and efforts should be focused on instead, minimising the hurdles that can be controlled. The LuCreative CEO recounted the moment he decided to go to bed 1 hour earlier everyday, commenting on how this small change had a profoundly positive impact on his attitude the following day. Connor hopes all his contractors can identify the hurdles within their control and take the necessary action needed to increase their odds of achieving their goals.

LuCreative are firm believers of rewarding success but also believe it is important to remember that once goals are achieved, there are rewards. The company provide a range of rewards for their high achievers and want their workers to feel confident that blowing off steam following success is a good thing.

Moving forward, LuCreative hopes this workshop will provide their contractors with the correct guidance needed to maximise their success in Q4.


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