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LuCreative reveal the 8 working habits that lead entrepreneurs to success

Sheffield-based sales and marketing firm, LuCreative revealed the skills and habits every entrepreneur must master in order to achieve both personal and professional success.

While a professional life and a personal life tends to be treated as two separate elements of a person’s life, the life outside of work has a greater influence on a person’s professional life than would be expected. When at home or out socialising, a person outside of their work environment influences how they work when in the work environment. This is because a person creates their habits, rituals and even various parts of their personality outside of work. The small things that a person might do outside of work contribute to how they will be, even if it is assumed that they are very good at displaying their professional selves. LuCreative suggests that people should look more attentively at creating positive habits that can help both a work life and a social life.

LuCreative recently shared the following habits with their contractors and provided the reasons why success in the sales and marketing Industry is so dependent on these habits being repeated and mastered.

Eight habits:

Have a Great Attitude 

Attitude is extremely important; by showing a winning mentality it is more likely that a person will win at whatever they practice. Exercise attitude and willpower through determination; train and it will improve and the better the attitude and a person becomes.

Be on time

Punctuality says a lot about a person. Being unpunctual can lead to people thinking that an individual is not dependable or is disorganised, these are not traits that should be associated with a brand or business. Impressions are vital for success!

Be Prepared

Plan actions and goals for the job before attending a meeting, completing work or making some kind of contact.

Work territory correctly

There is opportunity in everything, work smart, get the most from any opportunity and speak to as many people as can be done. Success in the world of business falls under the law of averages; the more people that are spoken to, then the more business deals or transactions can be closed.

Work full 8 Hours 

Working a full 8 hours requires dedication, it also requires consistency and good work ethic. All of these require a commitment from an individuals end. Hit those hours and everything else, simply falls into place.

Maintain your attitude 

During work, there are always going to be more difficult and challenging times but this when attitude should be kept in check. This can be done by making sure future goals are bigger than the negative setbacks received. Maintaining attitude can help a person have the best chance of succeeding when faced with difficult tasks or objectives.

Know why your here 

Set goals, and refer back to them to help focus and motivation. Goals should be S.M.A.R.T. and should be able to be checked back to often to keep commitment and direction.

Take control

Take control of life and the business. An individual represents themselves so they must take every opportunity to show that everything is in their hands.


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