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Advances in technology have provided companies with a plethora of platforms to reach and connect with consumers. However, Sheffield-based LuCreative believes that personalisation is lost through mass targeting campaigns and that direct marketing is the most effective marketing strategy.

About the firm –

LuCreative argues that an effective marketing campaign creates exposure for a brand in a manner that still makes the consumer feel that it was designed specifically for them. Through the use of simple personalisation methods, companies can create campaigns that appear to be specific, and tailor-made.

Direct marketing is an efficient and powerful way for brands to share information about a product or service. It’s a method of contacting customers personally, instead of indirect communications between the company and the consumer, such as TV adverts, magazine ads or billboard.

Direct Marketing can be effective for SME’s due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to generate significant results. Direct marketing can take many forms, and outsourced direct sales and marketing company, LuCreative has revealed why it believes that direct marketing is the most effective marketing strategy.

It’s measurable – Direct marketing allows companies to test and measure sales performance. LuCreative argues that a direct marketing approach provides immediate feedback and is also a great way to gauge consumer demand. Direct marketing is a low-cost and effective way for brands to test new markets, analyse sales results and measure the effectiveness of sales and advertising techniques.

Build Trust – Security is a huge concern for consumers in the modern area, and LuCreative believes that direct marketing can be an excellent process for building trust. At LuCreative it exclusively uses in-person promotions to engage and acquire customers, and through face to face conversations, brand ambassadors can build a relationship, instil consumer confidence and built trust.

Brand Loyalty – LuCreative’s approach to direct marketing, utilising the human element to deliver marketing solutions with a smile and a handshake, allows them to interact with and engage consumers. The firm is committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience, and it is that commitment that enables its brand ambassadors to have positive interactions with consumers, which builds brand loyalty.

Cost-effective – Direct Marketing strategies especially face to face promotions have low overheads compared to above the line marketing solutions. At LuCreative the firm offers clients a no win no fee policy, charging only based on results. The company has an elite team of independent sales advisors who guarantee a positive ROI.

Based in Sheffield City Centre, LuCreative is an outsourced direct sales and marketing company with a passion for sales and exceptional customer service. The company believes that direct marketing is the most effective marketing strategy and is urging brands to allocate a percentage of their advertising budget to direct marketing strategies.


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