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LuCreative are urging aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve a good work-life balance

With entrepreneurs working 63% longer than average work hours, Sheffield-based direct sales and marketing specialists LuCreative are urging aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve a good work-life balance.


Running a business and maintaining an entrepreneurial lifestyle is hard work, and stretches an individual’s work-life balance to the limit. According to research by call handling firm Penelope, small business owners work on average 52 hours a week, which is 63% longer than the average worker. The same survey also revealed that entrepreneurs in London are working the most extended hours, with an average of 62 hours a week, compared to just 48 hours in Scotland.


Hard work and dedication is being invested by entrepreneurs because they need to make the most out of every single day. But direct sales and marketing firm LuCreative are concerned there isn’t any maintenance of a correct work-life balance, and entrepreneurs will face burnout – fast. The Sheffield-based business is urging entrepreneurs to maintain a stable work-life balance to help both personal and professional life.


To achieve a correct work-life balance, productivity levels at work need to be at their maximum states LuCreative. To maintain high levels of productivity, are a few things can be done such as taking mini-breaks throughout the day to restore mental energy levels so the brain can function at its maximum capacity. Productivity levels will be improved by getting up and moving around for a few minutes every hour or so together with a healthy diet that helps with mood and motivation levels.


As an owner of a business, I am aware of the pressures of maintaining a healthy work-life balance on entrepreneurs. To help with this pressure, we have set strategies in place to ensure productivity levels through the day are maximised, and that our entrepreneurs are working smarter, not harder,” outlined Connor Hodgson, Managing Director.


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