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Progress your career using LuCreative's guide for winning at work

Sheffield-based outsourced sales and marketing specialists, LuCreative are passionate about helping people to climb the career ladder, and they have published their top tips to help people win at work.

Sales and marketing specialists, LuCreative, has a passion for helping people to develop in both their careers as well as their personal life.  To demonstrate their devotion to the coaching and development of entrepreneurs, the firm run an internal development program that offers extensive training for sales and marketing professionals looking to broaden and hone their skillset.  With regular opportunities to progress to leadership roles with more responsibilities, individuals are then given a chance to train other people, which creatives a supportive and learning atmosphere.

LuCreative believes that people should be happy at work and that training and development of individuals goes a long way to ensuring this level of happiness.  The firm outlines their top five tips on how to be happy and win at work as:

Tip One: to make sure that work has a sense of meaning.  Individuals who know the meaning behind the work they are doing, have a more positive and happy working career, with higher levels of productivity.

Tip Two: Smile. When a person smiles, they improve their overall levels of happiness, and because smiling is contagious, it makes other people smile too.

Tip Three: Be organised: Individuals who win at work every day, are organised in their approach to setting goals and completing tasks. High levels of the organisation also reduce stress levels, which also leads to a happy working environment.

Tip Four: Reward hard work. When goals are met, and individuals have been working hard, rewards will help motivate a person to go out and win again.

Tip Five: Keep the bigger picture in mind. By knowing what the bigger picture is, a person will make better decisions that fit into long-term plans.

LuCreative offers ongoing coaching and mentoring to help their staff and contractors develop and get the most out of their working days and careers.  LuCreative is a direct sales and marketing company contributing to bridging the gap between their client’s brand and customer base, through the use of personalised marketing solutions.  LuCreative has a diverse team of sales and marketing entrepreneurs, who they are devoted to the coaching and development of so that they can go out and win, every single day.



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